Earth Natives
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The tale of a New Species
The tale of a
New Species

There are some that say it started with a big bang but nobody knew how it would end or that it would come when it did. The signs were there, temperatures rising, frequent natural disasters and wildlife disappearing. Perhaps we could have done something sooner but time ran out and the human race was on the brink of extinction.  We sought refuge to the only place we thought was safe and that was underground.

As the years turned into decades, we continued to survive but we were no longer just humans. Our time beneath the surface evolved us into a new species, one that had adapted to its surroundings and connected with the Earth.  A species that learnt how to manipulate the earth’s properties into shelter, tools and healing powers. It was here, digging unimaginable depths and distances that we found the birthstones, minerals that granted each of us our identities. We call our community the Earth Natives and we are waiting for you to mint and immortalise us on the Earth’s metaverse.

The tale of a New Species
The underground
The underground Community

The first Earth Natives to be minted are called Armadalus, they evolved when man morphed with the armadillo during their struggle to survive the harsh years underground. It was over their many journeys mining for food and safety that they stumbled upon the birthstones, 1,333 minerals of Earth’s creation.

They each claimed one for themselves, a stone so unique that no other Armadalus member carried the same. The metadata is based around these birthstones which will include their name and hardness ranking from one to ten. On top of this they will also have traits that will add to their rarity. Explore our gallery to get the first few looks at the Armadalus community.


Cardano and NFT’s have paved the way for uniting communities and empowering a better future. We hope to add to this by:

  • Teaching others about earth’s properties through our mineral collection;
  • Creating an awareness about sustainable construction by building with compressed earth interlocking bricks;
  • Using Cardano’s blockchain to help solve real world problems.

Institute Ecoterm Modular is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable construction.  They are most well-known for their ecological bricks which are made from compressed earth and recycled waste, and are dried naturally (no blast furnaces here). With the profits from the NFT’s, Ecoterm will be building and donating a house in Africa and in Brazil, and they hope to bring you along with them on the journey! Once the NFT’s are sold, production can commence so keep your eye on this page for updates.  And of course, to see the faces of the lucky and deserving families who the houses will be donated to.

Road map

Our roadmap is set out following the three types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.  Each rock represents a new species drop from Earth Natives. Igneous are melted rocks that have hardened. Sedimentary derive from pre-existing rocks or materials like sand and mud. Metamorphic are Igneous and/or Sedimentary rocks that have changed through heat and pressure deep below the surface.

Road map
Meet our team

We are a multinational team inspired to make change, better our environment and have fun while we are at it.

João - Artist


Thiago - Project Manager


Project Manager
Kristy - Social Media


Social Media
Rafael - Art Director


Art Director
Keith - Developer


Mint It Here


Please ensure you use a Shelley-era wallet such as Yoroi, Daedalus or Nami to buy. DO NOT send ADA from exchange wallets as this will cause your NFT to be lost!


1 -  Click the MINT HERE button below, you can only buy 1 (one) or 2 (two) per transaction
2 – You will be directed to a new page where after being verified, you will be able to click the BUY button which will generate the address and amount of ADA
3 -  Send the exact amount of ADA to the unique Cardano address (you will have 10 minutes to proceed with the transaction, please do not refresh the page until the payment has been processed)
4 – Once the ADA has been received, your NFT will be processed and sent to your wallet

Policy ID: eebf7f0deadaf8bbf24f032012f46311a0c77da84ad9ceb624e52d48

Sold Out


There will be no rarity chart however we will release on discord a visual chart of the art attributes prior to mint.  This chart will only show the attributes and not the quantity of them. 

The scale measures a minerals resistance to scratching – in other words how strong or soft the mineral is.  The harder the mineral, the higher the number with 10 being the highest and vice versa with one being the lowest.

The NFTs allow you to contribute towards the Cardano ecosystem and lets our community join us in our goal to broaden the knowledge about building with earth and its sustainable qualities. We will commence building after the first drop. Photos and videos will be uploaded to our website as the house is being built.

Nami, Daedalus, Adalite, Yoroi and CCWallet. Do not send Cardano from an exchange.

Go to the Homepage ( on launch day and click the 'Mint Here' button at the top of page.

Head over to Top right-hand corner there is a search icon. Click the search icon and paste your Cardano address you sent the ADA from to purchase.


Earth Natives are a collection of hand-drawn human/animal hybrids that are split into three species, Armadalus, Adants and Meerkadas. Each hybrid will consist of 1,333 NFTs.  In total there will be 4,000 NFTs with the last NFT being a transcended hybrid that is auctioned off.  

50 ADA

One or two NFT's per transaction however multiple transactions can be made.

When using a future marketplace that supports smart contracts and royalties, we will collect 2% of the resale price, this is below industry standard and is used to support our development team.

We are a multinational, tight-knit team made up of family and friends who are inspired to make change, better our environment and have fun while we are at it. 


João is our artist.  He has been drawing professionally since the age of 12 and today is recognised as an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator.  He draws for Folhã de São Paulo, a famous newspaper in Brazil, and has even had his work published in MAD magazine.  Joao is also the author of 2 books and contributed to a series of four comic books.  


Thiago is our project manager and concept developer.  He has multiple degrees in advertising, marketing and a post-graduate certificate in soils specialisation. He is the CEO of Institute Ecoterm Modular and has been a supporter of Cardano for many years.  


Kristy is our copywriter/writer and community engagement manager.  She holds a degree in communication and scriptwriting and has written for numerous websites and advertisements.   Kristy has worked alongside Institute Ecoterm Modular since it was founded and was introduced to the Cardano blockchain last year. 


Rafael is our art director with 10 years’ experience in the field. He has a degree in marketing and advertising, and currently works for one of the top advertising agencies in the state of São Paulo.  


Keith is our developer. He is an experienced engineer with solid knowledge of the blockchain sector.  He is the pool operator of POWER Stake Pool and a long-time supporter of the Cardano ecosystem.

All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Should you decide to act upon any information on this website, you do so at your own risk.

While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

A non-fungible token ("NFT") is an intangible digital asset that exists by virtue of the ownership record maintained in the applicable ledger. Earth Natives and Institute Ecoterm Modular have no control over, make no promises or guarantees with respect to and will have no liability associated with the Earth Natives NFT, or any cryptocurrency wallet.

NFT Value/Transfer:

  1. An NFT is a collectible. The value of the Earth Native NFT can vary and may not retain its ARV as noted herein and may lose all of its value. We do not and cannot guarantee the value of the Earth Natives NFT. Buyer agrees to assume all risk associated with the use and value of the Earth Natives NFT.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of each Buyer to ensure that their transactions are processed through an acceptable wallet such as Deadelus, Nami, Adalite, Yoroi and CCWallet. Do not send ADA from an exchange, buyers will assume all risk of loss if done so.
  3. Institute Ecoterm Modular (“IEM”) is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Earth Natives. IEM is only responsible to build the houses once sufficient funds have been received from Earth Natives. IEM is completely released of all liability by each buyer of the NFT. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this project must be directed to Earth Natives and not to IEM.
  4. If in the event that your transaction is processed and the ADA is in our wallet but you have not received an NFT, then a refund will be made.
  5. The only way to mint our NFT is through our website - Do not trust any other source of information.